What is Inject-A-Seal Foam?

Inject-A-Seal Foam is a 3-component Injection Foam Insulation product that is installed using compressed air with superior high speed installation equipment. It is ideal for use in new constructions and existing residential and commercial properties. Our injection foam process is 100% eco-friendly and is a great way to retro-fit existing homes. Installing this non-invasive product has the capability to save homeowners a significant amount on annual energy costs.

Insulation materials must remain flexible in order to maintain their air seal. Buildings expand and contract with changes of temperature. In time, traditional "Batt" and/or loose-fill cellulose, slip, sag or settle. Those products will leave uninsulated gaps in walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces. insulations will develop cracks and lose their air sealing properties.

Insulation Benefits of Using
Inject-A-Seal Foam

Inject-A-Seal Foam provides exceptional thermal performance in addition to it having advanced sound-absorbing properties. Premier Insulators' product has the consistency of shaving cream, flexible enough to seal gaps and crevices in the most commonly neglected areas. The non-toxic injection foam is able to flow around pipes, electrical outlets, and throughout the wall cavity filling all empty spaces.

It does what other insulations cannot!

Once cured, the product becomes a solid, with the consistency of a marshmallow. At the average 4 inch wall depth Injectaseal Foam provides an exceptional rating of R-4 per inch, blocking any unwanted air drafts and completely sealing the cavity, leaving homeowners in a more comfortable zone.